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Ten Gallon GS By Bob Maples

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So who does want more range per tank of fuel? What would you do to be able to travel further?
For some riders they only have a weekend to travel somewhere and must be back at a job, but what if you wanted to travel to distant destinations and make it home in time for work?

Well enter my friend Paul… Some of us may also know him by his nickname “Scooter” and anyone who has met him knows he is an avid motorcycle rider!

I recently saw him while I was out and about one day and he was excited about a new project. Little did I expect to see what he showed me!

His 2005 R12GS has an odd top mounted box!

Not too out of the ordinary so far!

Now that is a bit different!

As you can see there is a very real spare fuel tank mounted there!

For you technical folks this is how it connects.

One very happy guy!

So at of the time I am writing this article he should be well on his way to Elko, Nevada while working towards the Iron butt association’s award of Bun Burner Gold. He hopes for 400 miles between stops.

With that much range, many off-road and remote places become possible to visit without the worry of fuel!

So wish our adventurer good luck and safe travels!