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Gateway Riders ready to ride.

2016 Mileage Contest Results

By Jeff Ackerman, Mileage Contest Director

The Gateway Rider’s mileage contest runs for a year and includes all motorcycles ridden by the members during the year, not just BMWs. The contest nominally runs concurrently with the yearly points contest, namely from December through the following November.

However, I will accept mileage from members covering any year long period similar to this. This document gives the results for everyone responding by the end of December 2016. Twenty-one members provided ending mileage for this year; see the table below for complete results.

Since this is my second year compiling the mileage, I was able to show the difference between 2015 and 2016 miles ridden for those members providing mileage both years. Eight participants rode more miles this year while ten rode fewer miles and I had no 2015 mileage for three.

Gateway Rider's Susan Anderson on the Golden Eagle ferry.
Susan Anderson with her new F700GS.

George Siede, with the “new” R75/5 he won at the rally, and Susan Anderson, with her new F700GS had the largest percentage increases in miles ridden. Traci Anderson, a new rider this year, rode 4426 miles, very good for a first year.

Gateway Rider’s Traci Anderson ready to ride.

Your events director, Jeff Ackerman, came in first again this year by riding over 25,000 miles, ~5% more than last year. Fielding Childress moved up to second place from tenth place last year with his new GS Adventure. Jim Shaw moved up to third place from sixth last year. Phil Sulfstede fell to fourth place from second place be-cause he spent much more time in New Orleans this year. Dave Anderson rounded out the top five, moving up from a tie for sixth last year.

Mary Ackerman was again the top placing female rider, coming in seventh this year vs. fifth last year. She rode about 3000 fewer miles this year but it was all due to just two trips. She rode fewer miles to the National this year (New England is much closer than the Canadian Rockies) and skipped the trip to the Smoky Mountains in October in favor of playing golf with the ladies in Biloxi.

There is still time to get into the contest for 2017. Just send me your beginning mileage for 2017 for each of your bikes and I will get you loaded into the spreadsheet. If you get a new or different bike this year, let me know the starting mileage and I will add it to the list.

Top 10 Finishers        
Member: 2016 Miles 2016 Rank 2015 Miles % Change
Ackerman, Jeff 25388 1 24252 4.7%
Fielding Childress 17137 2 13482 27.1%
Shaw, Jim 16691 3 15566 7.2%
Sulfstede, Phil 14506 4 21659 -33.0%
Anderson, Dave 13900 5 15566 -10.7%
Bissell, Dave 13664 6 15828 -13.7%
Ackerman, Mary 12424 7 15576 -20.2%
Bissell, Cathy 11819 8 12704 -7.0%
Griffin, David 11756 9 14796 -20.5%
Floyd, Larry 11685 10 14405 -18.9%

Mileage Contest for 11 through 21

11th thru 21st Place      
Member: 2016 Miles 2016 Rank 2015 Miles
White, Lany 9279 11 4200
Green, Jay 9161 12 8188
Schroer, Al 6109 13 5777
King, Dennis 5989 14  
Quindry, Steve 5851 15  
Haugen, Bill 4953 16 6254
Anderson, Traci 4426 17  
Siede, George 4296 18 1721
Graham, Bill 3948 19 8382
Halbert, Mike 2811 20 9829
Anderson, Susan 1134 21 200