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Cape Storm

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First I would like to thank Phil for a fantastic ride through some great areas on our way down to Cape Girardeau. The route was filled with exciting roads and wonderful views. I had a few corners that terrified me, but I also had a few that were my best so far riding my little R1100S. Phil made the route the star attraction!

My thanks also goes out to R.J. on his FJR1300 without whom I may have had a hard time getting back home. We hit a vicious storm front on I-55 that slowed everyone with its power but R.J. kept pace and led our small group through safely. With my helmet visor fogged and rain streaked there were times I could only see the trail left by his tires on the road but his skill as a rider helped me keep up against the 40mph gusts that tried to blow us off the road. I huddled behind my small windscreen with my boots filling with water and my gloves so soaked my hands cramped with the chill. It was R.J.’s lead that kept up my confidence as we fought the storm and in the end I learned my little R1100R could handle anything the storm could dish out.

In my mind that was a fantastic end to a truly epic ride. So thank you Phil for a great ride and thank You R.J. for pulling us through when the going got tough.